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Make money easy in Pakistan with Hassan riaz

Many people don’t know how to make money in Pakistan with internet. The main reason is that most people of Pakistan is not well educated and not believe how to make money in internet. I am Hassan riaz and help all the people how to make money easy with internet. There are following point to make easy money.
I am writing this article for those who are in search of money making tips and money making guides and the people who have always been searching for adsence institutes and teachers. My Advice for those people is please do not trust any institute because no institute in Pakistan is authorized and why don’t you people think that from where they had learnt all this ?Always try to search about online earning stuff yourself on internet. Nothing is hidden just you have to type and find related articles to help you. I am trying to help people. I know many institutes are earning by selling books and cds we can say that is their effort but never rely on others because at the end you have to do something for you. So before contacting anyone from the newspaper ads try to search about same thing in goggle. I hope I had not hurt anyone.
Best Regards
Hassan riaz

(1). Data Entry Job Open - Part Time - Pakistan.

The first step is to make money in online data entry job in Pakistan.
Data entry jobs open at HoNeX Technologies Lahore Office.
Qualification: FA / FSc
Job Type: Data Entry
Job Timing: Part Time - Evening
Positions: 2
Required Skills:
- Must have Internet Browsing Skills
- Must Know English Language
- Must have good command on typing and Mouse control
Experience: No Experience Required
Last Date to Apply: 22nd September 2009
Send your CVs at with the subject DATA ENTRY

(2). How to earn money from Pakistan by PTC Sites?

Earn Money Online with Paid to Click Sites in Pakistan. Now you can Earn Money Easily by Working Online for 5 Minutes a Day.
Why to Use it?
> You can earn your own money.
> You can spare at least 5 Minutes a day.
> Safe Income Every Week.
> A Check to your home.

Here we will Teach you for FREE, How to Earn Money in Pakistan by Working Online for 5 minutes a day. Millions of people are earning from all over the World and thousands from Pakistan. Here in Pakistan people had opened Institutes to teach these techniques which I will teach you here for FREE. They are generally charging 2500 - 3500 Rs per Week for teaching these techniques; you people are also familiar with the Ads every Sunday in JUNG Newspaper.
Payment Method Introduction:
Few Months back it was not possible to earn online money easily in Pakistan because pay pal is not offering there services in Pakistan but now it’s all easy here is a solution known as ALERT PAY. You can register al alert pay for FREE. It is same like pay pal from where you can send or receive money to anyone from anyone.
:Register Your New Alert Pay Account Here:
Signup to AlertPay today
How to Earn Online:
Here we are introducing a paid to click technique where you have to sign up and just click the ad and view it’s for 10 seconds and the money will be credited right away instantly. It is very easy and in start you have to make only 10 - 20 clicks a day. More Clicks More Earnings, More Referrals More $$$. Whenever you reach their minimum payout limit you can transfer the Money to you Alert Pay account and they will send you the check with in 5 Days. It is as easy as ABC!
Earnings: Clicks (are one cent. 50% referral commissions).
How to earn: View Ads
Payment: Pays via Pay pal, or Alert pay $2 minimum payout. (The payout increases by $1 after each payment until a maximum of $10)
You are paid instantly after request.
What you get as a member:
Earn up to $0.02 (2 cents) per click.
Earn up to $0.02 (2 cents) for every ad your referrals click.
Earnings Example From One Site:
» You click 6 ads per day = $0.06
» 20 referrals click 6 ads per day = $1.20
» Your daily earnings = $1.26
» Your weekly earnings = $8.82
» Your monthly earnings = $40.14 = RS 3200/-
“But you can make more by yours Referrals”
Try to click the maximum number of clicks each day because what you can earn from your referrals also depends on the number of clicks that you made the previous day.
If you have any log in problems, try to use IE instead of Fire Fox.

I have been paid: $2.09, $3.36, $5.11, $5.13, $6.02, $7.06, $8.08, $9.36, $10.14, $10.24, $10.54, $10.63, $9.94, $10.06 (payments were all received instantly)
Earning Web Sites - Join All to Make 18000/- Rs Every Month:




Join These 6 Websites and start earning today by simply clicking ads daily. They will transfer the money in to your ALERT PAY ACCOUNT which you had registered before, when you reach to the minimum payout limit and then Alert pay will send check to your house address in Pakistan.
Alert pay :
After free registration they will ask you to verify your account for this purpose you need following things to upload in verify tab which you can find in alert pay website user account tab.
You will upload a scanned copy from back side of you NIC card.
You have to upload a proof of your address for this I had uploaded a scanned copy of my electricity utility bill.

In some days they will verify your account. Then you can use this account for PTC sites as well as for transferring money too.
How they transfer money?
They have only one option for Pakistani free users to transfer money which is via check. It takes 1 week to receive check from them at your doors step for any bank. To cash that check you have to go to the mentioned bank on check and they will resend that check back to the alert pays bank for verification and clearance. This whole process can take 15 - 35 days and then they will pay you money once your check is cleared.

That is why i don’t like alert pay but we have to use it :). Personally I like money bookers because they have wire transfer option thru which we can receive money in bank account within 4 - 5 days. If you still have any confusion than kindly contact me or comment here. Thanks
Proof Of Check From Aler pay:

Help With Screen shots:

(3). How To Earn Money from Internet in Pakistan through blogs.

This lesson will teach you the step by step guide to earn money after you had made your own blog.

You have a blog ready on any topic on blogspot. First of all you have to set the main blog title and description so that all major search engines can access your blog without any confusion. You can change page title and description by visiting
My Blogs > Blog Settings > Blog Title and Description
Edit your Blog Title to related keywords like if you have a blog related to Used Cars in Pakistan then title and description would be like

Title: Used Cars in Pakistan - Buy Used Cars
Description: Buy used cars in Pakistan at affordable prices; Cheap used cars prices and information. Cars for sale in Lahore Karachi and Islamabad
I hope you please understood what I was trying to say. After title and description is ready press the Save button.
Now your blog is ready and it’s hungry for Content, It’s the time to put content and data in your blog so that reader who comes to you blog can enjoy the content. You content must be unique and interesting.

Tips to maintain Blog.
- Put only unique Content (articles) - Don’t copy paste.
- Update your blog daily at least three times
- Stick to the main topic of blog
- Put the latest information regarding your topic
Let’s suppose you have been working very hard for two weeks and had gathered so much data in your blog, now your blog is ready for Goggle Ads. Apply for google adsense with your blog link. After reviewing your blog they will email you back shortly whether they had approved your account or rejected. I would like you people to now to get back on work and start putting some content to your blog and then apply for goggle ad sense.

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